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An fantastic action game with the premise of attacking the "buddy" with a variety of weapons, Kick the buddy offers addictive and fast-paced gameplay. Landing successful hits will earn you coins that give you the ability to buy more fun and unique weapons or different buddy dolls that produce more income. This is a nice game for those waiting to pass the time or unwind. With various weapons at your arsenal like pistols, knives, or submachine guns, Kick the buddy is sure to keep you entertained for hours! If you want to unlock every weapon you want without the hassle of grinding for them, you should check out our Kick the buddy hack.

Let loose all your rage and frustration on this virtual doll and turn your stress into enjoyment. If you want a game to help you vent, what better than an app that gives you a ton of fun weapons to torture a defenseless doll? With Kick the Buddy, the only limit is your imagination. With a seemingly endless collection of weapons at your disposal, chances are, you'll find one that suits you. Use our effective Kick The Buddy Hack Apk to unlock any weapon you think might be fun. Shoot, stab, punch, or outright demolish your buddy with grenades, knives, missiles, and many more. You even have the option of performing combos with different weapons and see how they play off one another.

Gold And Money Will Give You Access To The Fun Stuff

With over 400 different items to experiment with like weapons, machines, food, and decor, you will always have something to do in Kick the Buddy. And while the main objective is to destroy the doll, there are also customization features that allow you to personalize a lot of the in-game designs. These cost gold and money though, and you can get more by grinding or by trading it with real-life money in the app store. We have found a way to bypass that so you don't have to waste your money! If you try our easy-to-use Kick the buddy Cheats, you will get whatever item you want for free, making your gaming experience much more enjoyable.

Kick The Buddy Basics For Beginners

The game is very straightforward. You just choose any weapon of your liking and hit Buddy with it, or be nice to him and feed him some food. There is no time pressure or looming objectives. You can just do whatever you want at your own leisure. You collect coins that come out of Buddy whenever you attack him, and this can be used to unlock more content. To skip the needless grind, try our effective Kick The Buddy Hacks to make every weapon immediately available for your enjoyment!

Story Overview

Buddy, a rag doll-type character is the protagonist of this game, and the premise, as weird as it sounds, is beating him senseless. Depending on how you treat him, Buddy's expression will change. Are you going to be his friend or his enemy?

When he gets injured, bandages and visible bruises will appear all over his body, but he slowly heals and regenerates as time passes. You can stretch him whichever way you want by dragging his limbs in different directions, and he will express his discomfort when you do so. You can be kind to Buddy and feed him some food, or you can be mean to him and hit him with a weapon, and will react depending on what you do to him. If the app is left open and idle, Buddy will go to sleep after a few minutes. You can use the Kick the buddy hack online if you want to unlock every end-game content and items so you can enjoy spending time with your Buddy even more!

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